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Stratfor leaked emails without interest in colombian media


Meanwhile in the continent the media outlets had been published news about the Stratfor confidential emails revealed for Wikileaks in Colombia nobody is interested. However one document exposes secrets negotiations to approve the Free Trade Agreement.

In Argentina the news portal Infobae published about the presence in this country of the mexican Sinaloa Cartel. In México, Excelsior, reported about the whereabouts of the lord drug traffic Joaquín ‘Chapo’ Guzmán. The secrets mails have been the resource of many histories in South and Central America.

Nowadays, the journalists or citizens interesting in the privates emails can visit the information online. More than five millions mails are available.

Meanwhile the mails leaked are producing headlines in the continent the Colombian media is not interesting. The absence of attention and problems in the relation between Julian Assange and the newspaper El Espectador (The second more important in Colombia) could be the reasons.

In 2010 El Espectador was partner with Wikileaks. Their general editor, Fidel Cano, traveled to London to received the Bradley Manning leaked emails about Colombia. Since that moment them published stories about politicians, the relation with Venezuela, drug dealers, guerrilla and other topics.

El Espectador told the story, however, Julian Assange admitted to a local radio in Colombia that he had made a bad decision choosing this newspaper because the publication had been relations with Stratford.

Stratford leaked mail revealed the relation between El Espectador and the global Intelligence organization. Fidel Cano, explained that the relation just was about news resource.

This newspaper was the only media outlet interested in the first Wikileaks emails and now with relationships broken between Assange and El Espectador the citizen in Colombia does not know what happened with the information in the Stratford leaked mails.

Secret negotiations

Some information leaked in the Stratfor emails could be a news resource to develop public interest news in Colombia. For example: one mail talks about secrets negotiations in the process to approve the Free Trade Agreement.

“There have been secret negotiations right now between the US and Colombian
trade commissions to accommodate the pre-conditions that the Democrats have
made to approve the FTA in Congress”, said a email leaked.

This is just one example about the information available in Internet. Thousands of communications about Colombia, relation with Venezuela and other topics waiting for journalist.

* This is my first post in english. If you see a grammar mistake or If you can not undesrstand some phrase or paragraph, please let me know.

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